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Venus Laban BARE PANEL

Introducing Venus Laban 800 IBF Access Floor Panels:

Our 600 x 600 mm panels feature a robust all-steel welded construction with 64 hemispherical cones for stability. Coated with 40-60 micron epoxy paint for corrosion resistance, they withstand 800 lbf point load. With locator holes for easy installation and perimeter flanges reinforced with 16 gussets for added strength, these panels offer a durable and reliable flooring solution.


Panel Description

Venus Laban 800 ibf access floor panels having dimensions of 600 x 600 mm shall be all steel welded construction with an enclosed bottom pan of 64 hemispherical cones. The top plain sheet is fuse welded to the bottom pan at 144 locations to form a hollow panel. The panel after required pre-treatment is coated with 40-60 micron epoxy paint and heated to achieve maximum adhesion to the panel surface for resistance to corrosion. The inner empty care of the panelis injected with a lightweight, non-combustible cementitious at high pressure to fill in all the crevices of the panel and ensure support of less than 96% of the top surface area of the panel. Panels shall be capable of withstanding 800 lbf point load tested as per CISCA testing procedures and conforming to Masterpieces. SECTION 096900. The panel has locator holes on all 4 corners, which are required to bolt the panel to substructure to form a rigid monolithic smooth levelled floor. Perimeter flanges of the bottom pan are provided with 16 gussets which also gets filled with light weight concrete to enhance structural strength and provide rigidity to perimeter flanges of the panel and hence to system too. Adding gussets does not hinder the process of die cut trimming of the panels, which was also the case in our old generation modes.


  1.  Allows additional 60 nos. of resistance welding sports to the panel totaling to 144 nos. of spot weld in the hollow panel, the composite panel, the composite panel now is fat more rigid than the earlier version having only 64 sports.
  2.  Allows better corrosion protection to the edges of the panel in comparison to the the non die cut trimmed.
  3.  Allows consistent gap between adjacent installed pan between adjacent installed paneis enhancing sesthetics (no creases in the carpet, while also ensuring lesser air leakages when used for UFAD.


Concentrated Load
(Point Load)
363 kgs (800 lbf) according to ISCA A/F, Section concentrated loads.
Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)1658 kg/m2 UDL Pneumatic Bag TEST
as per CISCA testing Standards 2007
3100 kgm2 UDL using 305 x 305 mm
source internationally) tested for a
maximum deflection at 1.02 mm
Ultimate Concentrated1089 kgs (2400 lbf) according to CISCA
A/F Section II Ultimate Loading
Roiling Loads180 Kgs (400 lbf) according to CISCA
A/F Section III Rolling Loading
Fire RatingClass O & Class 1,
Conforming to ASTEME 84 1998
(Flammability) & ASTM E 136 (Combustibility)
Pedestal Axial Load Test22 KN according to CISCA A/F, Section V,

Pedestal Axial Load Test.
Pedestal Over Turning Moment Test113 N x Meters

Fabrication Tolerance

Floor Panel Flatness
in any direction
(+0.50 mm)
Floor Panel Width or
Length from specified size
(+0.20 mm)
Floor Panel Squarences(+0.38 mm)

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